What we offer

Converged Communications

Today’s highly competitive marketplace requires business agility and flexibility, which is largely determined by the speed with which your company can transform data into information and accelerate communication, both internally and with clients and other stakeholders.

KF TechKnowledgy integrates traditional communication tools (email and telephone) with collaboration technologies (IM, conferencing) to offer our clients a variety of communication tools that may be used from any location, using any device and accessing any application.

Network Integration

KF TechKnowledgy offers a range of Networking Services which assist our clients in planning and developing their network infrastructure. Certified specialists conduct comprehensive on-site assessments of current environments, consideration is taken on project timing and budget restraints, which ensure proposed solutions are in line with the business requirements. On-going evaluation through monthly Steering Committees and preventative maintenance structures ensure your IT resources are aligned with business objectives so that you meet your technology vision now and in the future.

Networking Services include:

Evaluation, design and implementation - KF TechKnowledgy supports most major networking offerings.

IT Solutions