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With Security threats on the increase, data security is an essential requirement for all enterprises. Safeguarding various systems effectively is a complex procedure – misconfigured systems, missing patches, outdated anti-virus software, unauthorised software and hardware and weak passwords all raise your security risk.

Using vulnerability packages, KF TechKnowledgy has automated system audits. Users who log on to the network at irregular times – for example, laptop users and wireless devices - have their connection scanned automatically for virus infection, and automated notification is provided.

Security Audits and Reports

Audit processes are automated and access all users noted on the system. The audit can take place as soon as a user logs on, to ensure that any potential threat is spotted immediately and the appropriate measures are taken to secure the network.

Security notifications are sent to administrators as soon as audit tasks are complete. Notification reports are sent via email, reports can be configured from a single source that gathers all relative data. These reports can either be embedded in the database or stored.

Spatial Data